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I paint emotional intuitive paintings with figures to tell stories and share memories and abstract paintings from my Soul.


In my art, I express my deep feelings of joy, happiness, loneliness, homesickness, anger and love. The figures are symbolic and the colours are connected to the story behind the paintings.


Art is a healing process for me. I usually have a huge watercolour paper on my door and paint out all of my sufferings. Interestingly, I cannot finish these paintings until I could overcome the difficulty and find my peace.


I paint with acrylics because it dries fast and give me the possibility to express my feelings through several layers in one painting session. I like using my hands for painting, make different marks which will lead me to the final piece. I love using oil as a very different medium which lets me slow down and practice patience because the layer dries over time.


The rich vegetation of the Rainforest, the Asian way of life, the Malaysian local art including batiks, masks and statues make a significant and visible impact on my art.


I trust myself that I can manifest my inner life; drawing and painting intuitively on the canvas are part of my journey towards wholeness.




I am Hungarian, from my wonderful home town of Budapest, but currently I mainly in Cracow, Poland. I was living in Malaysia for 4 years with my family. 


Originally, I am an economist graduated in Finance who was working in the Money and Capital Markets since graduation in different positions. 


I have started painting by the influence of an online class in Malaysia then I joined "The Studio at KL" in January 2015 where I learned from several artists. I have participated in person workshops (Self-portrait, Colour Harmony, American Portrait Drawing), live drawing sessions and have been working in online classes.


Artist CV


Studied painting at The Studio at KL from Jennifer Tan, Haz Yusup, Elnaz Rostami 2015-2017 Workshops


Michael Briton - American portrait drawing, 2016 Portrait painting, 2017 Elnaz Rostami - Self-portrait painting, 2016 Cezanne- Colour harmony, 2016


Online courses 

Flora Bowley -Bloom True 2015 June, 

Studio Diaries 2015-2016, 

Painting Session 2017 Pauline Agnew - Expressive Faces and figures 2016, Pathways to Abstraction 2 -2016 

Laly Mille - Layers of light, 2017 

Nancy Hillis - Studio Journey 2017 

Let's face it - 2018 

Art2Life Academy - permanent since October 2018

Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton - 2019



Whisper 2016 June - Nexus Bangsar, The Studio at KL 

A forever legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir - Westminister, Perdana University, Golden Horses Palace, 2018 Kuala Lumpur

Soul Paths - 2019 June - Nagy Gyula Gallery, Varpalota, Hungary

The FLUX Exhibition - 2021 August - V4 Summer Virtual Exhibition 


Workshop held 

Flow art - The Studio at KL, Publika, 2017 May


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