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One of a kind abstract artwork. A 4 size (21x30 cm, 8,3x11,7 inches)

Hand-painted with acrylic, oil pastel on 300 g/m2 Acrylic Paper.

Needs to be framed. Fits in custom frames.

These paintings have a lot of playfullness and I was not ready to show them for a while. What has changed?

I have seen some paintings of another painter recently who has been painting playfully and they made me happy. Whenever I looked at them they brought back  memories of my childhood when I was playing with my brother in our living room. 

That made me happy. I started waiting for his paintings because I saw helicopters in them and I wanted to see them again, I needed this feeling.

So, I thought that I can show my paintings too. I hope someone can feel some kind of a joy looking at them.