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Blog Post -Emeline

Coversation with a painting - emeline


On a nice summer day, I started 3 canvases by journaling on their surface freely. I wrote without any expectations: about my life challenges, my dreams and desires and let the mood direct my next step. I painted 3 different paintings with this start: Miko, Emeline, Hanna.


So, who is Emeline?

Emeline is a very reserved, intelligent expat spouse who travels everywhere with her family. Her most important task is to guarantee that others can work without any disruptions and she organises the transitions between countries as smooth as possible. She puts tones of energy into her kids and supporting her husband on his journey while she is always in the background.

Sometimes it is difficult for her to get enough energy to deal with others mood changes with gentleness and support. She can only start living her own life when others fit to their new circumstances: children are doing well in school and no issues with her husband's new job.

When everyone leaves the house she suddenly find herself alone without friends and regular activity. That's the time when she can start to build up her own life and concentrate on what she wants and can do with her free time.

Emeline loves colours, exciting patterns and starts creating quilting and embroidery. She designs her new clothes including the head dress on the painting inspired by Gustav Klimt's beautiful patterns. She has seen those patterns everywhere and found happiness and freedom in her creative activity. 

Emeline represents the softness and warm heart of those caregiver ladies who you can always rely on. Women in my family has had this supportive character and I highly value it.

What does her story tell to you?