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Perseverance - The Angel inside You

I started painting strong women because I think I wanted to toughen my own inner strength.
I met a few strong women in Malaysia and of course also in Hungary but now I'm going to tell the story of a Mom who got a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Let's call her Anne.
When Anne's son was around 2 years old she had already discovered that her son was somehow different from other children. Having sought professional advice, her son was tested and when the doctors explained to her that her son had Autism, she was shocked and desperate.
Once, when she was exhausted and depressed she started crying while she was walking on the street. A stranger asked her what's wrong with her and she told her that she simply couldn't accept that her son had Autism. She did not know why she had got a sick child, why this was happening with them, why his son couldn't be healthy as other children were, why God punished them and so on and on.
Then the lady told her: "You should change your point of view, dear. You are not punished. You have got an Angel. Try to see the Angel in your son, you are going to find one even if it seems to be tough. This child chose You as his Mom because You are so strong that you can provide him with the best life he can get and the best opportunities for him to succeed. You are so strong that you can take the responsibility for that child, you can go with him supporting him wholeheartedly on this difficult and rarely rewarding journey. But you can do it."
And since then, Anne has found her inner peace and accepted her child as he was and also found the Angel inside him.
Her whole attitude, seeing the tears running down on her face while she was telling her story, was heartwarming. I learned
gratitude for all those things I have,
perseverance to try to cope with difficulties even harder and 
find my way as water does wherever it goes and
believe that we can get support when it is needed.
How about You? What keep You going when you face difficulties?
With Gratitude,

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