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My Story

But how did I start?
  One day I found an email in my mailbox about how to become a happy, creative women. Ever since I graduated I worked on the financial markets in 9 to 5 jobs, and felt lost when I suddenly lived as an expat spouse in Malaysia.
  I felt burnt out and didn’t like myself, but I thought that I was not a creative.
    So, I bought the cheapest art tools I found in a big department store, Aeon and started painting my happy place. I was listening Zorba the Greek’s music and was dancing and painting with my fingers, because nobody saw me.
    I could easily go into Flow and it felt so amazing that I have never stopped painting since that. Instead, I joined to the Studio at where I learnt painting from amazing artists. 

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some difficulties... 

  I have moved a lot. Back and forth to Malaysia, Back to Budapest, then to Cracow and now between Cracow and Budapest.

  First, I thought that I will not able to manage my art life and have to give up but I felt the pain in my stomach whenever I thought about that, so I kept going.
I have overcome the difficulties, picked up construction management to earn money and continued with my art life.

I also started to develop my online business because of the lots of travel. 

"Art is the Highest Form of Hope"

Gerhard Richter

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Art heals the creator and also the receiver

    Painting is a blessing for me. I believe that art heals the creator and also the receiver.

    During this time, I faced extremely difficult issues and when it felt unbearable, I just painted out. Interestingly, I learnt to let go those things I could not control and found Grace along the way. I am grateful that I found art as a healing practice.

  Fortunately, some people could connect deeply to my emotions and could find their own Grace and Hope in my paintings. I’m honoured and grateful for that.

Expressing emotions

    When it comes to my studio work, I create emotion driven abstract paintings in several layers using gestural marks to express emotions and intuition to find the hidden tales between the lines.

  I dream with a paintbrush in my hands and tell my stories about hope and a joyful life in an abstract way.

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You can find me here too:

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  • Member of ACCESS                          Art and Cross-Cultural Exchange Society
  • You can find me on Saatchi Art
  • I'm on Emergingartist Platform                  

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