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Here's my story......

My art reflects my emotional struggles, my worries for my sick relatives, my constant search for solutions and takes me into a dreamy world where I rephrase my stories into tales.  

I’m an Asia lover, a rain forest enthusiast, and a sunset chaser.

As part of my journey, I’m searching for the limitless freedom and joy.

While I paint, I’m in the FLOW, slipping into my dreamy world, and finding the stories between the lines, and see what my subconscious mind wants to express.

Originally I'm an economist... 

from Budapest, Hungary but I regularly live in Cracow, Poland. I spent the first part of my working life on the financial markets.
I am also an accidental artist. I started painting in Malaysia by chance. One day, when I opened my mailbox, I found a free online training about, ‘ How to become a Creative, Happy Woman.’
It was a mini training and to my surprise, the painting came easily, and I found it
up-lifting. I began painting regularly, to express my emotions using my fingers,
listening to Zorba, the Greek music, and recalled my happy place, the blue Sea.
It felt so good, that I haven’t stopped painting since that but joined and art studio where I could learn from amazing artists. In the meantime I become a CVP graduate from Nicholas Wilton's Creative Visionary program and I'm also a member of his Academy.
I want to share my rejuvenating experience with you through my art and my process.

"Art is the Highest Form of Hope"

Gerhard Richter

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When I was a child....

When I was a child, I was surrounded with literature, music, theatre and I was enchanted by the art world. 

When I paint intuitively, I’m able to get back into this magical world and I'm so excited to see what I’m going to find between the lines I draw, and what story is going to emerge.

While I paint, .......

While I paint, my inner world opens up, which reminds me of the state of my playful childhood mind.

I believe that art heals the creator and also the receiver. I paint out plenty of my emotions including my challenges. You may see and feel how my energy transforms on the canvas and it may evoke yours.

My vision is to help people with Soul pain to find the art they love, and help them finding healing in the art making process. I would like to offer my lyrical artworks to those of you who are looking for something that will delight your heart. I plan to create emotional wellness workshops and retreats to recharge yourself.

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Valeria and Maria


"Thank you, we have got the paintings. I just want to let you know that we are so happy, they are even more beautiful than we remembered.  "



"I get a very modern Toronto art scene vibe from this. Love the colours!"""



"I feel a storm in this piece, so full of action! Lovely."

"Art is a wound turned into light"

Georges Braque

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