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Abstract exploration - Mystic Breeze

I have wonderful childhood memories about our Christmas time. I decided to use one of them for my painting process.
On the day of Christmas Eve while my mother and father were decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping the presents we used to take a long walk with my Grandma and my Brother on the Owls-land Mountain. As my Grandma used to tell thrilling stories, this Mountain was a mysterious place with exciting secrets. Especially, because there's a war shelter inside the Mountain with several exists at the side and on the top. We enjoyed this lovely, full of wonder time, so much together.
I used limited palette for this painting which reflected well the memory of the winter and also the continental forest. I added black and white, worked with pencils then went back to paint again. In the end I added some orange, green and blue oil pastels to the final layer. The whole painting process felt good and liberating, keeping in my mind this childhood memory and trying to stay in the flow without overthinking and planning too much.
When I turned the painting upside down, I saw the figure in it. Madam Leaves was standing on the right side as the memory of my late grandmother.
Hope you like it.
With Gratitude,

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