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Breathe Deeply Again

Breathe Deeply Again—Healing Cocoon: An Intuitive Painting of Renewal and Rebirth

As an artist, I believe that my paintings should speak to the soul and evoke emotions that transcend the physical world. Breathe Deeply Again—Healing Cocoon is a painting that embodies this philosophy. It is a piece that draws on the human form to create a powerful metaphor of healing and renewal.

The inspiration for this painting came from the natural world. I had this nude painting of a young girl hanging on my wall and suddenly I wanted to change her. I was struck by the beauty of leaves and how they symbolise growth and renewal. I decided to use the human form as a canvas for this concept, covering a naked girl with large leaf-like shapes. This cocoon-like covering is a symbol of protection and a space for growth and transformation.

The girl's face is covered with thin blue paint, which was dripped over her face. This represents the cleansing that comes from releasing emotions and letting go of past traumas. The blue color is also associated with calmness and serenity, which is essential in the healing process. 

I’m suffering from almost permanent pain and the red pastel lines comes from my pain. 

The title, Breathe Deeply Again—Healing Cocoon, was chosen because it conveys the idea of taking a deep breath and letting go of negative emotions and experiences. It is a call to let the healing process begin and embrace the cocoon-like space of growth and transformation.

I needed this cocoon of renewal to heal my broken body. 

This painting participated last year in the Carrousel at the Louvre art fair.  

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