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Conversation with a Painting - Miko

I want to introduce Miko to you.

Miko is a wise woman who showed up between the lines from my loved and hated colours’ dance.

I picked up a colour: middle brown what I don’t like at all as it resembles a cloth, my mother had bought to me when I was a teenager. I didn’t like it. I felt invisible and old in it while I wanted to wear beautiful and delightful colours: pink, red, bright blues. I still don’t like this earthy colour. I’m unable to forgive them for this feeling.  That’s why I hate these brown clothes.
Then I chose a dark translucent purple what I loved because of its vibrant energy that was mystical and erotic at the same time.
As I was painting, the colours were not dancing but fighting with each other on the canvas and I balanced them with neutral colours. Did I leave any brown left? I need to check it.

Between the lines, there was a dark area where I saw her face. She is a healing woman, a Shaman holding her own power and showing the ways I need to follow.
Does she invite me for a deeper journey to the woods where we can feel freedom and passion and asks me what's my heart’s deepest desire? What do I truly want? She also comforts me with Affirmations and accompanies me on my path.

What does Miko tell to you?

"Have you noticed that paintings are mirrors and reflect you?
They reveal things about you that were previously hidden and you start to feel it.
Oftentimes what you learn about yourself is compassion"  (Nancy Hillis, The Artist Journey)

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