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Artist CV


Originally hailing from the enchanting city of Budapest, I currently also find my artistic muse in the cultural tapestry of Krakow, Poland. My journey into the world of art was an unexpected detour from a 25-year career in Finance, navigating the intricate landscapes of Money and Capital Markets.

The canvas of my life took an unexpected turn during my four-year odyssey in Malaysia with my family. There, under the influence of an online art class, the brush became my passport to a realm where emotions and stories intertwine. My artistic evolution continued at "The Studio at KL" from January 2015, where I immersed myself in the wisdom of great artists. From self-portraits to the dance of colors, I've embraced it all through in-person workshops, live drawing sessions, and later in virtual classes.

Join me in this kaleidoscopic journey as we unravel the threads of emotion-driven abstract art. Let's explore the healing power of art, where stories emerge between each brushstroke.

Artist CV

Studied painting at The Studio at KL from Jennifer Tan, Haz Yusup, Elnaz Rostami 2015-2017 Workshops

Michael Briton - American portrait drawing, 2016 Portrait painting, 2017 Elnaz Rostami - Self-portrait painting, 2016 Cezanne- Colour harmony, 2016 

Online courses

Flora Bowley -Bloom True 2015 June,

Studio Diaries 2015-2016,

Painting Session 2017

Pauline Agnew - Expressive Faces and figures 2016, Pathways to Abstraction 2 -2016

Laly Mille - Layers of light, 2017

Nancy Hillis - Studio Journey 2017

Let's face it - 2018

Art2Life Academy - permanent since October 2018

Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton - 2019

Art Next Level - 2021, 2023

Melinda Cootsona, Lean into figure abstraction, 2023. 


- Solo Show, Whisper 2016 June - Nexus Bangsar, The Studio at KL

- A forever legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir - Westminister, Perdana University, Golden Horses Palace, 2018 Kuala Lumpur

- Solo Show, Soul Paths - 2019 June - Nagy Gyula Gallery, Varpalota, Hungary

- The FLUX Exhibition - 2021 August - V4 Summer Virtual Exhibition 

- Opening Online Exhibition curated by Sergio Gomez -2021 September

- Transmission International Exhibition, Philippines - Luna Galleria - 2022 March

- Spring Exhibition, Group Show, Krudy Gyula Library, Varpalota, Hungary -2022 May 

- Group Exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris in October 21-23, 2022 

- Big Heart Charity installation at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris in October 21-23, 2022

- Group Charity exhibition 20x20 "L'art de pARTager" Pays de la Loire, France, 19-25 November, 2022.

-  “Rendez-Vous au Jardin”  exhibition at the Château d’Hauterives with two of my paintings with ACCES Cross Cultural Exchange Society. June, 2023.

- Butterfly installation and two of my paintings at the Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair, Paris, France, in October, 2023.

- Autumn Exhibition, Group Show at the Thury Castle in Varpalota, Hungary from 16 November until 3rd December, 2023.


Member of A.C.C.E.S. Cross Cultural and Exchange Society (France) , FIAG (South-Korea) and Ginger Cactus Art (UK).