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Helena - Hope

Helena - Hope

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Medium: Acrylic, pit pen on gallery wrapped canvas with deep edges. Varnished.

Size: 30x40x3,8 cm (12*16*1,5 inch)

One of a kind artwork.

Ready to hang. Sides are painted.

"I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains."Anne Frank

Began with a quick charcoal drawing then continued to paint with acrylic, using a limited palette. I worked quickly just letting the feelings guide me and do not hesitate too much on the facial features. Followed the lights and darks.

While I was painting, my childhood friend, Helena came to my mind repeatedly. She just lost her father and her sadness took over my mood while I tried to slip into lighter thoughts. I knew how important her father was to her. She lost her mother in an accident when she was 15.

Losing a mother as a teenager is tough. I saw it twice. My boyfriend in secondary school also lost his mother a year ago before Helena. I remembered that Helena's father tried hard to keep the family together and was always there for her. Helena's father was old already. But still. It is so difficult losing a parent. Reminded me of the time when I lost mine. When I stopped painting, I realised that I could not keep the loose energy of the previous day, the sadness showed up on the face of the girl.

Later I came back and added some golden colours to reflect Hope because I was sure that my friend had her family, her children around her. She would find her peace as I found mine and I want you to see and more importantly feel Hope too.