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A Tango of Blooms
A Tango of Blooms
A Tango of Blooms
A Tango of Blooms

A Tango of Blooms

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In this vibrant piece from the "Serenity Blossoms" series, joy dances across the paper in hues of alizarin crimson and orange. The floral touch creates an exuberant playfulness that invites viewers into a whimsical realm of color and delight. "Radiant Reverie" captures the essence of a joyful tango, where every brushstroke is a step in the dance of life, and the blossoms bloom with an infectious energy that radiates pure, unbridled joy.

Contemporary abstract painting by Beata Bosze

Size:  A4 size 30x21 cm

Medium: Hand-painted with acrylic,  pit pen on 300 gsm Watercolour Paper 

Frame:  In a white simple frame. Ready to hang. The frame is a gift.

Signature: signed and also signed Certificate of Authenticity

Year: 2023

Finish: Spray fixative and Cold Wax

Shipping: In cardboard supported bubble wrap

Delivery time: 3-14 working days depending on size and distance. Out of Europe can be longer depending on Custom formalities. 

Delivery is free in Hungary, EUR 15 in the EU, EUR 25 WW and EUR 40 for a few high distance country. You can see delivery charges at the check out but you can contact me for more info. 

Other:  Perfect to mix with other paintings from the series.